Complement the health, well-being, and financial security of your workers by harnessing the power of the Benefit 360 Hub provided by our Long Island team.

From as low as $5 per month per worker (1099ers included)

Employer, what if you could…

  • Offer your workers a chance to embark on their dream vacations?
  • Secure top-tier healthcare plans for just a fraction of the price?
  • Reduce their household expenses?
  • Plan for their comfortable retirement?
  • Access unlimited consultations with CPA, tax, and legal experts?
  • Enjoy numerous other essential and appreciated benefits?

Recruit competent workers, retain them longer, and increase their productivity with group health insurance benefits from our Long Island agency.
Starting as low as $5 per month per worker.


*All workers of all ages = employees and contractors (1099ers) without restrictions.

Dream Vacations

Treat your workers to a complimentary getaway ranging from three to seven nights at prestigious destinations in the United States or abroad. Choose from top-notch locations like Rome, Paris, Cancun, New York, or Las Vegas with the benefit 360 hub from our Long Island agency.

  • Three to seven nights annual vacation—50 U.S. destinations
  • Three to seven nights vacation annually—30 international destinations

Workers can choose the destination—no timeshares!

Fantastic Healthcare Benefits

Provide comprehensive healthcare coverage for your entire workforce, including independent contractors, their spouses, and their children, at a significantly reduced cost compared to individual plans. Access group health insurance benefits through our Long Island agency, regardless of age or health condition.

  • Includes the member, their spouse, and their dependents.
  • Offers complimentary lab tests and wellness exams for review by your primary care physician.
  • Includes unlimited access to urgent care, along with telemedicine appointments.
  • Also includes a host of additional benefits, such as the choice of unlimited mental health sessions and a potential 85% savings on prescription medications, among other advantages.

The employee health benefits specialists on our Long Island team are available to provide consultations on group health insurance plans, assisting workers in discovering the ideal solution tailored to their needs.

Unbelievable Savings on Bills

In their day-to-day living, individuals are experiencing the growing weight of their monthly expenses. Suppose you had the opportunity to help your workers reduce their bills by 30% to 50%?


Through our Long Island agency's Benefits 360 program, a dedicated team of professionals will actively negotiate improved pricing with their current vendors on their behalf. This service is provided at absolutely no upfront cost, ensuring significant savings for your workers.

Your workers can save on the following bills and a whole lot more:


Natural Gas

Cable Bundles





Satellite Radio

Community Solar


We Take Care of Everything!


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Establishing effective communication with your workers regarding their benefits involves offering them access to a companywide website where they can conveniently explore and select their desired benefits.

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Ensuring your workers can enroll in their chosen program is our priority. Our expert team will seek out the optimal solutions tailored to their needs.

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Continual support before and following enrollment.

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